At A1 Kansas City Dog Training /Advanced Canine Training (ACT), we provide obedience training through programs such as our top rated board & train packages which are tailored to meet your goals for living a happy well deserved life with your dog. Our private lessons are perfect for addressing specific in home issues, as well as having you involved during the training for anyone wanting to be more hands on in their dogs training. “You pick the training!!” We offer 1:1 training and specific dog training classes for protection dogs to dog sports as well as narcotic detection and human tracking. ACT offers contracted K-9 narcotic detection services. 

No matter which program you choose here at Advanced Canine Training we make sure you know how to maintain and uphold your dogs new behaviors for the rest of your time together. After we teach you to maintain these behaviors you will have the knowledge to expand the dog training further if you desire, teaching your dog new tricks and behaviors! 

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You Pick the Training & Contracted Services

Here at A1 Kansas City Dog Training / Advanced Dog Training we want dog training to be fun for both the dog and for YOU!

We offer specific classes and 1 on 1 dog training packages with our head trainer to train your dog in Personal / Family / Business Protection

Our Trainers Train and Compete in Dog Sports
Protection Sports Association (PSA)
Shutzhund , IGP , IPO
AKC Scent Work
AKC Good Canine Citizen 

​We Train Narcotic Detection and Human Tracking. 

​We Provide Narcotic Detection! 

We know drugs are a serious issue and how hard it can be to keep those drugs out of households, businesses, and schools. 
We are here to help. 
Our trainers have fully trained narcotic K-9s that are able to search a room as small as a closet up to a warehouse and passively indicate to our handlers where there is odor. 
We Are Not Law Enforcement
If our dogs alert to us that there is a narcotic odor we will tell you where the substance may be and after that we leave it up to you on how you wish to proceed. We can assist verbally in the search of the area and narcotics. 

Private Training Lessons

Have specific dog training problems in your home that requires professional assistance? Our private lessons packages varies to meet the specific needs of your dogs as well as teaching you how to maintain your dog training skills!

We Come To You!!

1 Private in home or location of choice lesson that lasts around 1 hour. All equipment provided.

3 Private in home or location of choice lessons that last around 1 hour each. All equipment provided.

6 Private in home or location of choice lessons that last around 1 hour each. All equipment provided

Board & Train

In this program we take your dog home with us and train them. They become one of our own getting multiple sessions of training a day. Not only do we focus on the dog training here at ACT we make sure your dogs get plenty of physical stimulation going on a walk everyday as well as multiple play sessions a day in our fully fenced in play yard. At the end of the dog training we follow up with a private lesson!

Vaccination Requirements:
Rabies (up to date)
Distemper/Parvo (up to date)
Bordetella (every year)

There are two packages available 

Basic Obedience – This package includes two weeks of training. A Climb bed, a Training Collar, and a Private lesson at the end of the of training.

Advanced Obedience – This package includes four weeks of training. A Climb bed, a Training Collar, and Two Private lessons at the end of the training.