Canine Training For All Breeds

People residing in Overland Park, Lees Summit, Liberty, Blue Springs, and other locations within the Kansas City Metro have access to the best canine training service in the United States. We offer several canine training plans to ensure efficiency for all breeds starting as young as puppies to senior dogs. A1 Kansas Dog Training

No One Knows Canines Better Than Our Certified Trainers

Our courses are designed to meet and exceed each dog’s disciplinary needs. Regardless of your canine’s training needs, we are here to help. We offer flexible training schedules to ensure accessibility to every canine in the Kansas City Metro.

Our canine programs do not stop at obedience training. We combine dog obedience training with other canine services, including:

Board & Train (Doggy Bootcamp)
Private Lessons
Sports Dog Training
Off-Leash Training
Protection Dog Training
We also offer customized canine training courses for working and nonworking breeds. Please feel free to contact our local office to learn more about our canine training courses and available discounts.

Canine Board & Train (Doggy Boot-Camp)

Our Board & Train program is designed to deliver precise, reliable obedience and behavior modifications that last a lifetime. Every single day your dog is with us they receive many 1 on 1 training sessions with our trainers ensuring they don’t only listen to 1 person. Exercise and activity is crucial for everyone, our dogs included! We ensure your dog receives at least 2 walks a day and special play time in our play yard every day so that both physical and mental needs are fulfilled. At the end of the Board & Train we include at least 1 private lesson to go over all the new commands and behaviors your dog has learned with us and we teach you how to understand your dogs new behaviors and how to maintain these commands & behaviors so that you have the confidence and knowledge to maintain and even train your dog new tricks and behaviors! If you have failed to see improvement in your dog’s behavior after undergoing obedience training with another trainer, our Board & Train program is the solution.

Throughout the professional dog training world the “Board & Train” program remains the most successful dog training programs available.

Canine Sports Training

Canine sports training is designed to enhance the relationship between canines and their owners. Learn new skills while relying on each other throughout the process. The goal is to build skills that can be applied to some of the toughest canine sports competitions.

There is nothing more rewarding for canines than earning cheers, trophies, and ribbons. The same can also be said about owners of these dedicated sports animals. Whether your dog is preparing for an upcoming sports competition or just getting started in the industry, our canine sports training is guaranteed to be effective on all levels.

Work alongside your dog to learn and demonstrate all kinds of skills. While winning is important for all participants, it isn’t everything. For some human/canine teams, it is more about putting smiles on people’s faces, having fun, and spending time together.

Guard Dog Training

Some breeds are given the most difficult and important tasks. One of these tasks is a guard dog. This is one of the most crucial tasks that combine diligence, intelligence, patience, and confidence to protect important people like the President from danger.

Our guard dog training combines the alert bark skill with special protection commands. At the end of the course, your dog will be able to differentiate between a harmless and dangerous stranger and know the proper alert signals. We are so assured of our guard dog training that we can safely say it is one of the most effective personal protection training in Kansas

Our Canine Training Services

Canines are human’s best friend for a reason. When you are able to communicate clearly with your dog the possibilities you can accomplish together is limitless. With our training you will have the knowledge and tools to be able to ensure your dog’s new behavior lasts a lifetime. Contact us today to learn more about our dog training.

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