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Advanced Canine Training’s method is REWARD based and we make sure the dogs that we train are treated like our own. We train dogs through four stages of learning. First we take them through the Acquisition stage where they learn the behavior. Our second stage is Fluency, in this stage the dog has learned the behavior and now can do it directly on command without any mistakes at least 90% of the time. The third stage of dog training is Generalization where we then “proof” the dogs on the new behaviors by taking them different places and training them around different distractions and environments increasing the level of difficulty while still remaining a high succession rate. A huge mistake a lot of inexperienced trainers and owners do is increase the distractions too high too quickly and risk pushing your dog all the way back to the beginning or worse, make things harder to retrain due to a negative association to the command/behavior. Our last and never-ending stage of dog training here at ACT is called the Maintenance stage. This stage is going to be the most important stage for you, the owner.  One of the most important aspects of any type of training we do here at ACT is making sure that we teach YOU how to maintain the behaviors we train your dog on. It’s one thing for the dog to listen to us the trainer, but more importantly your dog will listen to you! We want the training we put on your dog to last the rest of your time together. 
Advanced Canine Training is operated by professional dog trainers who have gone to multiple nationally and world renowned schools and attended seminars across the country, throughout that time training dozens of police K9s for departments nationwide and protection dogs for clients all over America. 

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