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If you are like most Kansas City dog owners then there is no question about it. You likely consider your four-legged pooch a member of the family. A close member, similar to that of a child. Although children aren’t as well-behaved as you’d like at all times, likely, they are more well behaved than your pooch. And, this is because dogs are wild. They come from the wild, after all, their lineage lies somewhere in the wolf family. This is all really beside the point. What matters is that it comes to dog obedience, your furry family is likely lacking on obedience. Maybe you’ve tried some techniques on your own. Maybe you’ve already had him or her in dog training classes with little to no success.

Whatever the current situation is, you need to know that this is where our Kansas City behavior modifications specialists come in. We are a Kansas City MO city dog training firm that specializes in training canines of all varieties. It’s even like that you’ve heard about us, as we’ve been locally based for several years. As a dog training academy, we take our mission seriously, and this is just one of the many reasons that our training facility is superior to the competition. Want to know what else we bring to the table and why you should always opt for our services over the competitors?

Versatile Pet Training

To start, you need to understand that dogs are creatures with their own, individual brains. Their own, individual thoughts, wants, and actions. If a dog wants something he or she is going to go for it. This is without the right training programs, of course. Train your dog right and you’ll be able to issue several actions while taking your relationship with your dog to an entirely new level. The point is, dogs are unique will their own unique thoughts and actions. They also come with a variety of different behaviors. While dog behavior can be developed over time, it is also something they can be born with. You might have an aggressive dog right from the get-go, while some can develop this attitude and behavior over time. Regardless, modifying each behavior takes time and proper training.

Some trainers might not have the skills and know-how to change certain behaviors in dogs, as some are more difficult to change. We offer training ranging from aggressive behavior to obedience. We offer a puppy class as well as an older class. Whatever kind of behavior modification your dog needs, we are here. We can do board and trains, simple training classes at our facility, or we can even come out to your home and work with you and your dog there.

Working With You And Your Team

Going back to your relationship with your dog, this is something that we take seriously as well. We can train your dog, but once he or she leaves the facility, it is in your hand to proceed from there with continued training and obedience. This is why our team develops training videos and class offerings that include you and your vet. We don’t want to exclude you from the process like many trainers. You are a part of your dog’s life as well as your vet, and this is why it is pertinent you know how to command and control your dog as well. We encourage parents to get involved.

We Work Around You

Speaking of working with you, we know that it can be hard to find time off or even free time in your hectic schedule. Trust us, as a working-class, this is something that we understand all too well. Between the training of a Kansas City therapy dog, pet sitting, and dog walking, it can be hard for us to find extra time ourselves. This is why we have special private training with tutors that willing to adapt to your schedule. Do you only have nights free? Maybe it is just the weekends? It does matter because we are willing to offer private lessons around your schedule to help you train your dog. And, we don’t charge any extra for overnight or weekend classes.


Not only are we willing to adapt to your schedule and lifestyle, but we are willing to work with you financially as well. Whether it is basic obedience, advanced off-leash dog obedience training or house training that you are looking for, we want to offer it to you at affordable rates. We might not be the least expensive dog trainer in the area, but when you factor in what you get from our obedience training, you are getting a deal of a lifetime. We also have payment systems as well as payment structuring because we know times are tough and trainers near Kansas aren’t exactly cheap.

Check out our Kansas City dog training website to see if we are currently offering discounts, as we normally run some kind of special every couple of months. If you want to register for classes, you can also check out our cost guides while you are there or give us a call. Either way, we’re more than pleased to be able to serve you and your pal.

Licensed, Certified, And Insured

Most pet owners don’t know it, but to legally offer any level of obedience training in Kansas City, one must be licensed, certified, and insured. It doesn’t matter if it is a training class at overland park or a week-long seminar, the dog trainer must have the proper certifications in place. You’d be surprised at the number of academies and facilities that aren’t adhering to these rules and regulations. Regardless, it’s against the law, and as a professional dog trainer, we take our job seriously. This is why we are willing to go the extra mile to ensure our customers that we know what we are doing.


When looking for a dog trainer near you there are no doubt tons of things to consider. You can see that from the information above. And, this is just the start. There are so many more things that need to be covered about overland park KS trainers and training facilities. That being said, we don’t want to waste any more of your time, as you likely have precious little of it these days. We just want you to know that we’ve made it our mission statement to provide the best quality dog training services at affordable rates in Kansas City.

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